Max Geisler Bird Co. Illustrated Catalogue

Importers of and Dealers in Birds, Fancy Fish, Dogs, Rare Animals, Cages, Aquariums, Globes, Shells, Etc. (1931-1932 Edition)

Max Geisler Bird Company
Softcover, 9 × 6 in., 68 pages

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This high-quality edition is a faithful replication of the original catalogue produced in 1931, using a rare original source copy. Each page has been expertly processed and every tiny stroke of the many etchings included in this volume has been detailed and reproduced digitally.

This book offers fascinating glimpse of the many birds and other exotic fancy which were available as pets in the 1930s. Offerings from Max Geisler Bird Co. were highlighted by their signature, trademarked lines of pet birds: the “Human Talker” parrots, and the “Living Music Box” strain of canaries. Beyond these, the company offered a menagerie of other exotic creatures available for order, including Flamingos, Marmozette Monkeys, novelty Japanese Dancing mice, chameleons, Chinese Telescope Goldfish, and even Burmese Peacocks!

Recreated using technology far superior to any available in 1931, this catalogue is printed and optimized for maximal quality and longevity in a format that captures the appearance of the original catalogue when first printed.

  • Talking Parrots
  • Parrots and Lovebirds
  • Canaries
  • Choice Songsters
  • Other Singing and Fancy Birds
  • Ferrets
  • Fancy Fowls, Pets and Rare Animals
  • Animals
  • Dogs
  • Fancy Fish
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Fish Globes
  • Aquaria Ornaments
  • Aquaria Supplies
  • Aquariums
  • Terrariums
  • Cages
    • Close Wire Brass Cages
    • Glass Sided Canary Cages
    • Pyralin Outfits
    • Parrot Stands
    • Parrot Cages
    • Breeding Cages
  • Cage Supplies
  • Dog Furnishings
  • Dog Carriers - Taxidermy - Etc.
  • Dog Food and Medicine
  • Bird Seed, Food and Medicine
  • Something About Sick Birds
  • What Our Patrons Have to Say About Our Bird Preparations
  • The Care of Canaries
  • The Care of Parrots
  • The Care of the Mockingbird
  • The Nightingale and Goldfish

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