Rare Birds and Fancy Monkeys

Exotic pets were kept as companions by generations of Americans in the twentieth century. In particular, American families were fond of having a songbird in the home to liven up the atmosphere. Beautiful bird cages from this era are now regarded as valuable collectibles. Explore the links below: you might even be able to order a rare bird or fancy monkey of your own. We certainly did. —R. PEACOCK.

Vintage Catalog Reproductions

We have a stunning collection of extremely rare vintage catalogs. Browse our collection below:

Company Histories

The Andrew B. Hendryx Company (New Haven, CT): this company is the true juggernaut of all the major bird cage producers – it ascended to become the most prolific manufacturer of songbird cages in the twentieth century

Max Geisler Bird Company (New York, NY): called the largest and oldest mail order bird house in the world, the Max Geisler Bird Company was the place for buying any animal from a parrot guaranteed to talk, to a tiny Marmozette monkey—conveniently shipped right to your door

The Chicago Bird and Cage Company (Chicago, IL): the premiere bird cage company in the Chicago area [RetroPeacock]

Antique and Vintage Bird Cage Collectors

While collecting antique bird cages has always been a hobby for many, it has lately turned into a design trend. Many people appreciate the classic and elegant lines of a bird cage, often re-purposing bird cages as plant containers or distinctive lamps.

What many forget is that each antique cage was created by a designer, and each design series was marketed under its own evocative name for a specific target audience. Over the years, with the increasing difficulty of finding reliable information on obsolete products, the origins of these various antique bird cages have been almost completely forgotten.

Fortunately, it is now possible to step back in time and own the original catalogs which were produced by classic bird cage companies, thanks to the exclusive Retro Peacock reproduction catalog collection. Order one today to have a vintage catalog mailed to your doorstep! [RetroPeacock]

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