Chicago Bird and Cage Co. Illustrated Catalogue

Birds, Cages and Supplies

Chicago Bird and Cage Company
Softcover, 9 × 6 in., 68 pages

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This high-quality edition is an unabridged replication of the original catalogue produced circa 1930, using a rare original source copy. Each page has been expertly processed and every tiny stroke of the many etchings included in this volume has been detailed and reproduced digitally.

This book offers fascinating glimpse of the many birds and other exotic fancy which were available as pets to all who could afford them. Offerings from Chicago Bird and Cage Co. were highlighted by their signature lines of parrots, including the specially bred Mexican “Parrot With The Human Voice” and “Pirate Red Head Parrot,” both guaranteed to learn to talk. Beyond these, the company offered a wide selection of locally-sourced and imported bird cages and supplies, as well as a menagerie of other exotic creatures available for order, including Brazilian Cardinals, and even Marmozette Monkeys (“The smallest monkey in existence”)!

Above: “The Parrot with the Human Voice: the kind that learn to talk any language.” (Source: Chicago Bird & Cage Co. Illustrated Catalogue, circa 1930)


If you have ever owned a Mexican Yellow-Headed Parrot, you will know that they have an unmatched gift for imitating sounds. These remarkable parrots were marketed by the Chicago Bird & Cage Company as “The Parrot with the Human Voice: the kind that learn to talk any language.” At that time, they were selling in Chicago for $15.00, or the equivalent of approximately $210 today (accounting for inflation).

Above: An artist's depiction of a rhesus monkey. (Source: Chicago Bird & Cage Co. Illustrated Catalogue, circa 1930)

Other talking parrots advertised included the “Pirate Red Head Parrot” as well as the “Educated Talking Panama Parrot.” These talking parrots were never bred locally, but always imported through agents in Mexico and Panama. The company even provided a six-month guarantee that each parrot would learn to talk.

Other Exotic Animals

For those interested in animals of the more exotic variety, the Chicago Bird & Cage Company advertised a selection of monkeys for sale including Rhesus, Java, Ringtail, and Marmozette monkeys. These animals sold for the equivalent of around $350 (USD) and up, in today’s currency.

Aside from cats and dogs, there were also Fancy Pigeons and Japanese Waltzing Mice available for order.

Above: A classic round brass bird cage which was one of the most popular styles of the day (Source: Chicago Bird & Cage Co. Illustrated Catalogue, circa 1930)

Cages and Other Supplies

Dozens of bird cages were offered for sale through this catalogue, including the most popular Hendryx cages of the day. The most common cage varieties were round or square with a single swing or perch in the middle. Other varieties, including single and double breeding cages were also available. Strong cage stands were available with brass or chromium finishes.

With these many cages, there were also supplies and other utilities for keeping pets. Cage accessories included Pyralin feeders and cups for birds. Various grains and tonics were advertised as “restorers” which were supposed to improve the song of pet birds.

  • "A Natural Pirate Red-Head Parrot"
  • Talking Parrots
  • "The Four Wonders" Linnet, White, Sunkist, Top Knot Canaries
  • California Beauty Canaries
  • Radioroll Rollers
  • Other Canaries
  • Diseases and Their Remedies
  • Canaries and their Care
  • Canary Breeding
  • Finches, Javas and Nuns
  • Cockatoos and Macaws
  • Paroquets
  • Fancy Birds
  • European Goldfinch
  • Linnets, Siskens and Thrushes
  • Cardinals
  • A Beautiful Selection of Fancy Finches and Rare Birds
  • Birds, Cages, Supplies
  • Monkeys
  • Sandam Imported German Cages
  • A Few Facts of How Your Orders are Packed
  • Dogs, Monkeys, Cats, Rabbits, Fancy Pigeons, Japanese Waltzing Mice
  • Aquariums and Castles
  • Cage Stands
  • Round Parrot Cages and Stands
  • Square Parrot Cages
  • Breeding Cages, Training Cages
  • Springs, Swings, Brackets, Perches, and Other Cage Supplies
  • "Hi-Grade" Foods and Remedies
  • Bird Seeds and Supplies at Wholesale
  • Sanitary Gravelpaper
  • Fish Food, Gold Fish and Supplies
  • The Care of Canaries, The Care of Parrots, The Care of the Mockingbird
  • The Nightingale and Goldfish

Above: A rather unusual-looking device advertised as a gun for deploying insect powder. (Source: Chicago Bird & Cage Co. Illustrated Catalogue, circa 1930)

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Recreated using technology far superior to any available in the 1930s, this catalogue is printed and optimized for maximal quality and longevity in a format that captures the appearance of the original catalogue when first printed.

Whether you are a pet-lover, a collector of ephemera, a historian, or an afficionado of vintage literature, this book will be an excellent addition to your collection and enable you to experience and relive what were once bygone memories of the past.

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