About the Website Design

The style of this website is composed largely using the power of cascading style sheets (CSS). The basic principles behind the design of the website are documented as follows. Please note that these principles are overall goals and many of them have are still being implemented on this website.

1. Responsive Design

This website is designed responsively in a way which is fluid and flexible to adapt to all browser sizes.

Most of the effects are achieved using Javascript using The jQuery Library. There are a few key jQuery plugins which are indispensable to the fluid design of the website. As they are implemented, these will be listed on this page.

2. Simplify

The Retro Peacock website is designed to be able to be resized to any size from the size of a mobile browser up to a 1080p HD monitor without using different style sheets if possible. This scheme is still in the process of implementation and more information about how this is achieved will be shared here.

3. CSS Over Flash

There is an emphasis on this website to favour beautiful design coded using CSS, with effects using Javascript, over Flash. This emphasis is because CSS is a powerful tool to shape the look of a website, and that this website aims to be universally accessible on all platforms including the iPhone and iPad.

4. No Sacrifices for IE6

For the best browsing experience, try using a modern browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome with Javascript turned on. Retro Peacock does not work for Internet Explorer 6, and including support for this difficult browser is a nightmare which is not a priority at this time.

5. Vintage as the New Modern

What is modern? The styles we now call vintage were at one time known as modern. In fact, pieces by some of the most famous designers in industrial design and furniture design were once conceived as “modern,” and have such a timeless design that they still appear to be modern today. This website strives to integrate vintage design into the modern platform of a website without using torn paper and messy collages which are seen on so many other “vintage” style websites. Instead, we strive to integrate vintage design elements in a clean and presentable way which will appear to be fresh and “modern” to the user.

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